Annoying right-click prevention

I think it is really annoying when right-click is prevented, or the context menu is disabled, on blogs and other websites.

Several times during the past days I have been “greeted” by annoying popups when right-clicking on different webpages. Some of the popups were not only annoying, but also kind of rude. This of course degraded my impression of the website. My reasons for right-clicking were either to open a link in a new tab or window, or to copy a link URL to save it or share it with a friend.

A simple “return false” on right-click or on context menu, without an alert (popup), is more or less equally annoying, since it will also prevent the user from right-click to open a link in a new tab or copy the URL. In a way the lack of a popup is even more annoying because right-click will not work and you are not sure why.

Obviously these blog and website owners disable right-click to prevent people from steeling their pictures, which is totally understandable. However, this will annoy many of their visitors who have no intention of copying their images.

If someone really wants to copy an image, they will not be stopped by disabled right-click, since it is very easy to bypass this. Just disable JavaScript, or lookup the image URL in the source code of the page, or print screen.

Even though right-click prevention is easy to bypass, it could be effective. It might make some people think twice before steeling your work. You could let right-click trigger a popup with a friendly message like “Please ask me before copying my pictures”. There is no reason to be rude to your visitors. Probably most of them didn’t even right-click to copy your picture.

If you really want to prevent right-click, please only disable right-click on images and not the whole webpage.

I strongly oppose using content (text and pictures) that belongs to someone else without their permission. Please respect the image or text author’s copyright. In many cases the image author would probably allow you to use their image if you just ask nicely and link back to him/her.